The Ox of Indecency (pyramiduniverse) wrote,
The Ox of Indecency

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I want to go home so badly. i miss my family and my friend. I miss the air and I miss the smokey bars.

I miss this place, sure. But...there I don't have so many pretentious assholes telling me how to DO EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING. LIKE MAKING PANCAKES OR PLAY GUITAR. I KNOW HOW TO MAKE BOTH AND I LIKE MY WAY THAT'S WHY I DO IT. Go fucking do your thing, go practice and play your guitar and leave me out of it. I'm tired of fucking walking on eggshells with everything I do. I am almost afriad to say something just because you will start this big discussion about how you know how to do it better, have done it better, pleasured a woman with a trident on the seas of destiny, or whatever the fuck. So sick. I wannt go home.

Or people with horrible mood swings. WHICH IS IT?! ARE YOU REALLY DEPRESSED?! Man up! Jaysis.

I wanna gooo home. And blow shit up with guns and hunt and fish and eat real food and play guitar and work and date women that aren't trying to break into acting.

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