The Ox of Indecency (pyramiduniverse) wrote,
The Ox of Indecency

"I'm really digging the guitar thing... maybe cause I play.
Anybody else ever bust their nut with the G-string before (guitar joke...)

Still don't know what the big deal is on the "surigcally enhanced" problem some of you point out. At least they look good! It's like getting super chargers for you cars, they're not supposed to be there, but you like them anyways!"

This man is an idiot. He has brought shame to others who know both crafts and should be brought to justice.

Britt Justice. That's the kind of justice were we slap you until you realize you're a dumbskunk and then we keep doing it until I say you stop deserving it.

His first joke just didn't make any sense and the second one offended me. Offended me with stupid.
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